Be a Steroid Dealer

Do you want to make money by selling our products?

If your answer is YES, pay attention to following lines.

Steroid dealer is a person who sells anabolic steroids on behalf of a company or organization in order to increase their volume of sales.
Our company Dotsteroid.Com is constantly looking for a small business partners all over the world, especially steroid dealers.
We give you a chance to be our authorized steroid dealer so you will assume the role of a local steroids supplier in your location.

What does his work consist in?
Steroid dealer performs a role of a connecting link between the organization, which he represents and the end customers. Steroid dealer is a person that buys anabolic steroids at wholesale price from a distributor (us) for reselling purposes.
He determines his pricing policy,canvassses it?s customers, handles ordered products over customers etc.
In other words, he runs his own business.

How to become an authorized steroid dealer?
In case you decided to be our authorized steroid dealer, please contact our customer service via contact form and put in your request. Further information and complete wholesale pricelist is sent to your email address as soon as your request is received.

Minimum purchase value for a dealer is 1500 USD/month.

How do I get your products? How many days will it take for my package to be delivered?
The safest method is Registered Mail.(Letter or Package up to 2kg). Delivery time should not exceed 5-14 days, depending on the final destination. Packages to European Union are usually delivered within 3-7 days and packages to rest of the world within 7-14 days.
Be aware that a slight delay may occur.
You will get a link along with your tracking number that enables you to obtain information about a movement of your package

What do you require?
General knowledge about anabolic steroids,reliability, professional approach, good manners, communication skills and ability to recruit and lure new customers.

What is the main benefit of this cooperation?
You are going to be a small business man so the main benefit for you is regular income which is in direct proportion to the effort you are willing to invest in.

Basically, the more you sell, the more you earn

Is it safe to be a steroid dealer?
It is so hard to answer this question.
Online businnes with anabolic steroids is not secure as selling furniture. No question about it :-)
From our point of view, there are some risks but you can easily prevent them in case you will observe the basic security measures and rules.
In case you waver over it, feel free to contact our customer service. They will be pleased to provide you with further information and piece of advice.

Fortune favours the brave, especially in this kind of businnes.