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Testosteron Depo 250mg/ml Galenika 5x1ml amp.

Testosteron Depo(Testosterone Enanthate 250mg by Galenika, Serbia 5x1ml ampoule)

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Product details

Pharmaceutical name: Testosteron Depo
Active Substance : Testosterone Enanthate
Manufacturer: Galenika, Serbia
Pack: 5 x 1ml amp. (250mg/ml)
Standard dosage : 250-1000mg/week
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Testosterone Depo by Galenika is an oil based anabolic steroid. Its uses are in the mass building, diet and strength building where both its anabolic and androgenic components are active. The drug is recommended for professional athletes, but women are not recommended for use of this drug. The drug has an injectable dosage of 250mg/ml a day. In the case of a beginner, dosages of 250-500mg for seven days are advised while as a hobby; 500mg every five days is advised. Professionals range in dosages of 1000-2000mg a week. The standard period of usage of this drug is twelve weeks to one year.
As reported earlier, this is an anabolic/androgenic steroid with an active life of eight days. Men users have reported using dosages of 200mg to 1000mg weekly. The drug will cause acne, water retention due to high estrogen conversion, high blood pressure due to high water retention. On liver toxicity, chances are little. Aromatization and DHT conversion are high, and its effect on the decrease in HPTA function is also great.
Most mass builders are users of testosterone. It is affordable and works alone or can be combined with other substances to boost the bulking cycle. It's high risks, however, are in its DHT conversion and the potential to form estrogen which is associated with gynecomastia. In contrast, it is such attributes which make the hormone efficient in the mass building. Side effects such as water retention make it not to be used alone for purposes of lean mass results; however, it comes with bulking which is muscle addition in association with fat and water gains. These changes are a natural result of the hormone intake experienced by the bodybuilder.
The hormone is composed of the testosterone enanthate which refers to a long lasting single ester steroid. Therefore, this implies that most of the weight is associated with testosterone rather than the ester weight. Hence, by taking an esterified steroid, total weight is of both the ester and the steroid.
When bulking is preferred, along testosterone ester is useful while an enanthate product is the simpler product. There are side effects associated with this which is however preferred by bodybuilders. Its catch is in the inability to cease usage of this substance. Individuals with prostate issues, those with sensitive to female patterns female deposits should have anti-estrogens to tackle such problems.
The drug, which is injectable, has laid out how it should be administered. For the natural highly advanced athlete, doses of 250-1000mg weekly are managed. Injections are twice a week due to the long half-life of the enanthate which is four to five days. It is required one to inject the steroid when levels are low so as to keep them at desirable levels.
Side effects of the drug are water retention, particularly when the testosterone enanthate has been used. Other effects include back acne, increased blood pressure, increased rate of hair growth and aggressiveness. Liver toxicity is uncommon as it can synthesize the exogenous testosterone.
Testosterone, as indicated, is an excellent mass builder. It can stack well with most substances which are why it’s preferred. Stacking via oral steroids is unnecessary since one cannot accurately measure the body’s responses and determination of possible causes of side effects.
Use of the drug should be in consideration that all aromatizes, therefore, anti-estrogen medication should be planned in advance.