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Anatrex 5mg Concentrex Laboratories (Methandienone 10mg/tab.) 100 Tablets

AnaTrex 5mg 100tab Concentrex ® Concentrex(High quality Methandienone by Concentrex Laboratories (10mg/tab.) 100 tablets )

Genuine Methandienone Tablets 



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General Information

Pharmaceutical Name: Anatrex®5mg Tablets

Chemical Name: Methandienone/Methandrostenolone

Use and effective range

Application: Muscle Mass Building, Strenght Gaining , Diet (Conditional)

Anabolic Components: Present (Strong)

Androgenic Components: Present (Strong)

Dose range and duration of use

Beginners: 10-15mg/day

Professional range: 45-100mg/day (or as advised by the doctor)

Women: 5-15mg/day (or as advised by the doctor)

Application cycle: 4-6 weeks (Beginners’ cycle and later advanced by the requirements and effectiveness)

Side effects

Acne: Yes (reported mostly in higher dosage)

Water Retention: Yes (similar to testosterone)

High Blood Pressure: Yes (water retention could elevate the heart rate)

Liver Damage: Yes (especially 17-alfa alkylated oral)

Aromatization: Yes

HPTA Function: Decreased, Dosage is period dependent

Special Comments: In certain health conditions it is unadvisable to administer the steroid due to the fear of adverse effects and aggravation of the condition. (Consult your doctor)

 Anatrex®  is a second generation steroid, with the first generation developed to increase the muscle and body power in Russian and Nazi soldiers and athletes. However, the first dosage was developed in US in 1956 by an American Physician called John Ziegler. The active ingredient of the drug was Testosterone hormone, which was used to improve the muscle mass and treat other conditions of muscle wasting (such as in HIV patients) and to lose weight rapidly.

Facts About Anatrex :

Anatrex® is one of the most popular steroids among the body builders and athletes for its instant muscle gain and physique enhancement. These functions are completed by the rapid increase in the synthesis of Protein and Glycogenolysis in the body, which not only stimulates the growth but also produces long lasting results.

Dosage and administration…..

The dosage of the Anatrex®Tablets  is generally paired with some alternate medication to reduce side-effects initially to have better and enhanced results. The dosage could range anywhere between 5-100mg/day or as advised by the doctor. However, the usual dosage is given below.

  • Beginners™ Dosage:
  • Duration: 4-6 weeks (initially)
  • Dosage: 15-45mg/day (mostly 25mg is sufficient)
  • Advanced Usage:
  • Duration: 4-6 weeks (Starters and later increased on recommendation)
  • Dosage: 45-100mg/day (mostly 50 mg is sufficient)
  • Usage by women athletes or body builders:
  • Duration: 3-6 weeks (Starters and later increased on recommendation)
  • Dosage: 5-15mg/day (mostly 10 mg is sufficient, but generally the usage is unadvisable due to side-effects)

Positive effects….

The steroid has extremely positive and long lasting results, which has been the sole reason of its popularity from the pre world war days. Some of the active positive effects shown by the drug are:

  • Elevates the synthesis of Proteins in the body;
  • Aids the production of solid tissues in the body which are not formed by water retention;
  • Increased muscle growth and strength;
  • Enhanced endurance and stamina;
  • Fat-free muscle mass that lasts long after the drug has been stopped;
  • Enhances the process of consumption of fat by the body;
  • It actively aids in the preservation of the developed muscles from withering and wastage;
  • Increased RBC count and transportation of oxygen to various parts of the body;
  • Reduction of excess body weight and fat.


Like most androgenic steroid the drug has certain side-effects, which can be overcome easily by the proper intake of supplements and combination drugs (such as Vitamin C and Phosphatidyleserine). However, some of the most common side effects are:

  • The most common side-effects are seen in women as the prolonged use of the drug could result in hoarsening of the voice; aggravate skin-acne, hair loss on the head and clitoral growth.
  • Sudden discontinuation of the steroid could cause severe withdrawal symptoms due to the dependence of the body on the external source of steroid.
  • Other side-effects revolve around nausea, vomiting, high blood pressure, Liver damage (Prolonged use) and hormone dependence.

Weaning of the steroid…

Weaning is the process of gradually reducing the dosage of the steroid before discontinuing it completely. This is essential as it gives body the chance to reduce its dependency and compensate it with internal hormone production. It is advisable to refer or consult a doctor for proper guidance on the weaning procedure, as he would also prescribe a set of supplements that would ease the process and withdrawal symptoms shown by the body.


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