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Pre-Contest Steroid Cycle

Pre-Contest Steroid Cycle (12-week steroid cycle for experienced users based on Testosterone Enanthate, Turanabol and Primobolan)

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Pre-Contest Steroid Cycle

Package includes:

Turanabol 40mg/day (Week 1.-6.)
Testosterone Enanthate 500mg/week (Week 1.-12.) - Split into two 250mg injections per week
Primobolan 600mg/week (Week 1.-12.) - Split into three 200mg injections per week

Post Cycle Therapy(3 weeks in total - start two weeks after your last injection)
1st day 
Clomiphene Citrate 100mg
Tamoxifen Citrate 40mg

Days 2-21
Clomiphene Citrate 50mg
Tamoxifen Citrate 20mg

+ Vitamin E (at least 400mg/day) presents you this pre-contest steroid cycle. It´s powerful combination of Testosterone Enanthate, Primobolan(Methenolone Enanthate) and Turanabol(Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone) 
Some amateur bodybuilders may reach for this cycle early in the early months of spring because this steroid cycle is also appropriate to prepare their bodies before summer. 
Pre-contest steroid cycle is spread to 12 weeks. Proper Post Cycle Therapy including daily doses of Tamoxifen Citrate and Clomiphene Citrate comes after 2 weeks after your last injection.
Let´s talk about the components.
Testosterone Enanthate plays the main role to provide solid muscle gains while Primobolan is great tool when it comes to cutting phase. We must not forget about our kick-start element, in this case we talk about Turanabol that will be used only for first 6 weeks. 
As was mentioned before, proper Post Cycle Therapy starts 14 days after your lst injection and it´s main purpose is to restore natural production of Testosterone in your body. A small advice to you,daily dose of Vitamin E should help in your recovering so it would be wise to get sufficient amount of it.
Regular daily protein intake is also very important for you.
There are few important things you have to be familiar with. 
We speak from our experience that tens of our customers were doing the same mistake on a regular basis. 
Anabolic steroids really work, the´ll improve your body, performance, question about it.
But be aware that only proper nutrition and intensive traning will bring you the results you desired for. Wise man said pain no don´t forget about it.
Train at leas 4-5 days a week and intensify your efforts in last 3-4 weeks.

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